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Interested in taking part in Hayling Island Arts Trail 2023?

Why not discover the trail this year and speak to the artists taking art about their experiences? The event takes place on 7th and 8th May, 10am-5pm 

Applications will open at the end of November 2022

Please go to the Artist application page for more details

Artist Guidance


Picture by Lizzie Cornelius

A team of volunteers run Hayling Island Arts Trail. We do this because we believe that art should be for everyone. By running the trail, we enable the general public to experience art in the places it is created. 


The main committee do the bulk of the work but we endeavour through e-mail communications and regular meetings to involve all Trail Artists. Everyone is expected to help in some way, however small. The success of the trail depends on everybody promoting the event 


We have tried to develop clear guidance to participating artists, which will make it fair for everyone taking part in the Trail.


The entry form should be completed online or as a Google Document and emailed with an accompanying photograph to If you require a word document, please email

Trail Guide Images

Please think carefully before selecting your image for the Trail Guide. This image is what will entice visitors to your venue during the trail. On a quarter page entry, images will feature at 3.5cm x 3.5cm. Images should be provided in high-resolution in any common format – jpeg, pdf, etc. Please ensure your image file name incorporates your name.

Artist Statement

This is for you to tell the general public a little about yourself, your work and what inspires you 

Who can take part

The Hayling Island Art Trail is open to all artists and makers whose work will be displayed at their home or studio on the island.  Three  additional venues are arranged by the organisers for artists who do not have the ability to display at home, or are not based on the island. These venues are Northney Barn, Hayling Island Community Centre and Guiding Headquarters. These are on a first come, first served basis, with first refusal being given to artists who have been on the trail in the past. These venues will have an additional charge attached to them to cover the costs of using them. Arts groups based on the island are welcome to take part, but must source their own venues 

What kind of work can I exhibit? 

Only your own original work maybe exhibited on the trail 


  • 1 or 2 artists at a single venue (¼ page entry) £40

  • Group of  3-5 artists at a single venue (1/2 page entry) £80

  • Group of 6-9 artists at a single venue (¾ page entry) £120

  • Group of 10 or more artists at a single venue (full page entry) £160

  • Free of charge : Schools

Public Liability

Please note that neither the Hayling Island Arts Trail Committee nor any committee members can accept liability for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury sustained by members of the public while visiting venues on the Arts Trail, nor for any misprints, misrepresentations or failings by the contributors or contributing organisations. We recommend you take out your own artist insurance.

We ask you to consider the care and safety of our visitors and complete a risk assessment of your venue prior to the opening of the event.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Have a companion with you at all times

  • Invite your neighbours, so they know what is happening

  • Do not leave personal possessions and valuables unattended 

  • Keep cash secure 

  • Lock / limit access to private areas

  • Inform your home insurer in good time.

Risk Assessment

You must make a formal risk assessment before the trail begins. List dangers, photograph them, take notes and remedy situation. This shows that you are not negligent. An assessment may include: 


  • Giving thought to potential hazards, on your property, especially for children, the elderly, the disabled, and animals. Steps, pools etc, studios and workshops often have hazards.

  • Remove sharp or dangerous implements, & poisonous substances o safe place.

  • Warn people of steep steps/low beams/passing traffic.

  • Put up temporary signs.

  • Include a clearly visible warning that the public enter at their own

  • Display the disclaimer on the days of the trail at your venue.

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